Even small stories are powerful.

We create beautiful websites to tell your story.

Seed Stock Media, llc

We offer a unique approach to web design that is rooted in the principles of storytelling, graphic design and consumer psychology.

We combine this with some UX standards (user experience) such as digestibility, clarity and trust, to craft you a beautiful, engaging website.

We build all our websites to be responsive for mobile devices.









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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Just because we don’t talk about it much doesn’t mean we aren’t good at it. We push your content and website into highly visible positions online.  After all, we are getting your story online so you can be found by the people that need you. This is part of the technical expertise that we bring to your project.

We have a proven strategy for developing your website to be search engine optimized (SEO) but the gritty details are just, well, gritty.

CMS - Content Management System

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). You can manage your own website updates–from photos to new text. It’s important for your site to stay current for your viewers and for SEO. WordPress makes that very easy for you.

We are happy to teach you how to manage your own content if you like or you can hire us to handle all your updates, either way, our CMS allows you to have an effective content strategy.

WP - WordPress

Like Forbes, the New York Times and National Geographic, we use WordPress (WP) as our building platform. This allows us to create custom web design using simple CSS code and modules.

We begin with a proven web solution that already includes a healthy framework, so we do not have to create complex code. What that means for you is that we are fast. Sometimes really fast. This also makes us affordable because we pass our cost savings onto you.

UX - User Experience

When someone comes to your site you have about 15 seconds to capture their attention. By factoring User Experience (UX) principles into website design, we help them stay longer.

When it comes down to it, if your audience can’t figure out what to do next, if they can’t quickly see what you do or understand why it’s important to them, they won’t stay to hear to your story. Our UX methods help them stick around.

clients say…

Belinda is so great to work with! There is no way I could have gotten this done on my own without her help. I gave her some broad strokes, a few ideas and lots of photos and she just took the ball and ran with it.

She edited all my ramblings and did a fabulous job of putting all the pieces together into a beautiful tribute to our founder, Bobby Turner. She also created a very user-friendly format that even I can navigate comfortably.

I can’t believe how much Belinda accomplished and how quickly she worked. Everything is first class! I can’t wait to work with Seed Stock Media on our next project.

Sandra Catlett

CEO, Robert Turner Associates, Inc. | Dallas, TX

What a great experience! Seed Stock Media created a website for me that all my friends and colleagues have looked at and shouted their excitement about. They have all said, “It is so you, Regina. It speaks as though you are speaking.”

It is beautiful. It is creative. Belinda is so good at listening to you and who you are. I am a storyteller so she suggested I record the stories of what I do and she would turn them into written copy. And that’s what she did. Her creative artistic ability is phenomenal. I cannot praise them enough for the beautiful job they did and the ongoing service they provide. On a scale from 1-10, I would give Seed Stock Media a 20!

Regina Densmore

Certified Life Coach, Chrysalis Coaching | Van Vleck, TX

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