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Combining our love of powerful design with a couple of imaginary authors (John R. Samuel and Jane Smithe – authors who do not exist as far as we know) we designed affordable website templates and launched a sample of a book trailer.

As Indie Authors, we understand what it takes to market and promote your book, as well as create your author brand. Our services help you to create a strong visual story that engages your readers and makes your name stand out from the crowd.

When we began to serve authors we found that book trailers were an effective way to reach a wider audience. Our team already provided video services, so we created an example to show that it doesn’t take extensive videography or expensive voice actors to develop a video hook.

Further research showed that since an author’s audience is made up exclusively of readers, text-based trailers are more engaging than a movie-style trailer.

Door of Andover


Book | Single Page Template

If you are an author who has several books published, or a writer who plans on publishing several books or if you write in different genres, you will want to think about having an Author Website. The focus is on the ‘Author as a Brand’ and the site provides separate pages (or sections on a single page website) distinctly tailored to each of the published works.

The look of an Author Website should be somewhat neutral in a way that presents a consistent backdrop for the author’s pages which can consist of book reviews, a biography, contact information, press releases, blog or other pages as required to promote the Author.

Book | Custom Web Design

For authors with one published book or who plan to publish a number of books in the same series or for writers who want to engage their readers in some of their characters, a Book focused Website may be the solution.

The branding on a book website showcases the book. Visually, the major imagery and branding design comes from the book and is easily recognized by the reader.

Author | Multiple Page Template

We also provide multiple-page custom web design for authors looking for a fuller expression of their books and brand. Our current specials are below. Contact us for more information on custom website design.

Why Seed Stock Media?


Why pay for a website when you can build one yourself? People ask us about this all the time. We know there are many ways to create your own website, but our clients have usually found that, while they may want to save a few dollars upfront, it is not usually a savings in the long term.  When you have to spend weeks or months learning about software, email integration, branding, functionality, user experience, search engine optimization…you miss out on doing the work you do best–the work your readers love and buy.


We all know that a beautiful website is not worth very much if people can’t find you. Our sites are optimized for search engines to easily find you and are mobile responsive so your information can be read on any mobile device.  We do a minor check of your content to make sure it carries the keywords people will use to find you or your book online.  We love developing websites and creating powerful, visual marketing tools for our clients.  

Content Management

As we mentioned, a number of our clients started out to build their own sites but decided, after weeks of trying to learn how to make everything work right and look right, that it would be a huge time savings to just let us do the heavy lifting. We train any of our clients who want to manage their own content on how to make changes and updates to their sites. We also have a number of clients who take advantage of our annual maintenance contracts so we can make content updates for them.





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