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Do You Know What Makes You Different?

Your Branding

Does your branding:

  1. Differentiate you from other similar businesses and products?
  2. Show what you stand for?
  3. Express the value you bring to your customers?

We work with you to:

  • Make sure your words (content) and pictures (visual media) match your brand
  • Create a brand image (your logo or trade image) that accurately tells your story
  • Position your brand for targeting your ideal customers so you are telling the right story to the right people
  • Clarify your unique selling position because sometimes you don’t recognize just how good you are
  • Ensure your strategy integrates your branding across all your media channels

Your branding will help customers decide to do business with you.

Your Logo

There is more to Branding than logos, but people who want our branding services are mostly thinking of their visual image, so we provide a bit of logo design work along with our web designs.

What we know about Branding is that the design process does not move in a straight line. There are a lot of starts and stops. Helping  you craft a visual image from something fairly nebulous in your brain, is a bit of an adventure. You may not know ‘it’ until you see it…which can make for a process.

We work with clients in a range of ways: from concept to final source files with our team; from overseeing a design project with your graphic artists, to simply creating high resolution vector files from an existing logo. We also work with you to identify your unique business story and value. We ask you a lot of questions, but we are all smarter at the end of the day.

To your customers, branding is more than pretty pictures. It is the essence of your business–the visual expression of your business story. It should be memorable, authentic and, if you design it right, an actual asset of your company or organization.

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Your brand is a story that matters

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