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Template Websites

Template | Single Page

If you need a web presence or portfolio site, but have a minimal budget, a single-page website can often be the solution. Single page sites can have up to six separate sections that show up like pages in your menu. They are optimized for SEO and are responsive for all mobile devices. These sites work well for events, nonprofits, small businesses as well as authors and artists.

Templates | Multiple Pages

We also provide multiple-page template web design for businesses looking for a fuller expression of their brand and products or services. Some of samples of the type of templates we can provide are below. There are also many other styles available.

3 Page Template Website

Custom Web Design

Custom websites include many other features that our template sites do not provide. Along with several pages of expanded information on your business, they can include product, service or customer photo galleries, as well as  e-commerce functions or interactive forms.

Why Seed Stock Media?


Why pay for a website when you can build your own? We know there are many ways to create your own websites, but our clients have usually found that, while they may want to save a few dollars upfront, it is not usually a savings in the long term.

When you have to spend weeks or months learning about software, email integration, branding, functionality, user experience, search engine optimization…you miss out on doing the work you do best–the reason your customers keep coming back to your business.


We all know that beautiful websites are not worth a lot if people can’t find you. Our sites are optimized for search engines to easily find you and they are mobile responsive, so your information looks great on any mobile device. We review your content to make sure it carries the right keywords and has a strong message consistent with your brand. We are only successful when you are reaching your audience.

Content Management

As we mentioned, a number of our clients started out to build their own sites but decided, after weeks of trying to learn how to make everything work right and look right, that it would be a huge time savings to just let us do the heavy lifting. We train any of our clients who want to manage their own content on how to make changes and updates to their sites. We also have a number of clients who take advantage of our annual maintenance contracts so we can make content updates for them.

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