Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business

Have you heard of Pinterest? You thought it was just for arts & crafts, right? Wrong. You thought all those photos were just pretty pictures, right? Wrong again. Almost all those pictures are attached to a website. Many are from websites that sell products to people who find them by clicking on a pretty ‘pin’.

Pinterest is still growing at a rapid clip and the users spend a lot more money on average due to Pins than from other social media sites.  Predominantly women (still over 80%), but then who either owns the wealth (51%) or influences how nearly 80% of the wealth is spent? Right! Women. In addition, Pew Research showed that in 2016, 45% of Women online in the United States use Pinterest.

If you have a product or service targeted to women or that women typically influence when the family purchases (such as travel, hotel, motel, dining, gifts, jewelry, household services) then you should think about creating a Pinterest business account.

Think about it, all those users with higher than average household incomes, spending time perusing photos looking for something to buy. They look at categories that appeal to them, so the viewers of your posts are already interested in your products. Do it right and the next step is a sale.

Although Pinterest can be time-consuming, you may want to look into it as a marketing channel, especially if your products look good in photos. Another thing I forgot to mention, Pinterest is not actually a social media where people connect with other people, but rather a search engine, where people go to search for something, much like they do on Google or YouTube. It is also very good for longterm results.  If people like your pin and re-pin it, your pin can have a long, long shelf life. Popular pins, which link back to your website and products or services, can continue to bring your website traffic for a year or more. I like that return-on-investment!

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