You want to know if you really need a Facebook page for your business. With all the changes they have made does it still pay to spend your time on Facebook? First let’s talk about the difference in social media and a website. A Facebook page is different than a website in that people are talking about whatever you post on Facebook, while a website is usually more static. Your website is somewhat like a brochure where the main information about your company may not change that often. On your website you tell your basic business story with photos, an ‘about us’ page, contact information and some product or pricing information. And like a brochure, it gets handed out to whoever passes by or shows up on your website.

Facebook, on the other hand is social, people are talking all day long on this site. Little blurbs about what they are doing, photos of what they have seen or done, links to things they think are cool. When your business has a presence on Facebook it is a more like telling your friends in the coffee shop what you are up to and inviting them to come on over and see your new products. Maybe you would pass out coupons or tell them about your current specials in hopes they would pass it along to their friends…you get the idea. The point of Facebook for your business is to build ongoing relationships with your customers. Keep them thinking about you. If you do it right, they will even be talking about your business to their friends.

Many FB changes decreased the organic (natural) reach of your business page so you have to work harder to keep in touch with your customers. Facebook can be an important marketing strategy, but it can also be time consuming if you don’t create a method and plan. You can develop a method so your posts on Facebook can be done weekly, or even monthly, and then are automatically posted for you. Simple. Give us a call to get a Facebook business page along with cover and profile photos. We can even help you create a strategy to increase your customer engagement.

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