Do you know why your business story is so important? Yes, you have a story.  Every business does. It includes why you are in business and how that is important to your customer (or donor if you are a nonprofit organization.)

Studies have shown that people think in stories. Stories are communication tools that have been used throughout history to pass on knowledge and values. They are key to how we relate to one another.

People also make up their own stories. When issues get complex or we don’t see all the details, we just make up our own story. You do not want your customers making up stories about your business, organization or products. You want to lead them along the path that shows them how YOU are the best solution to their problem.

In this business story, we start with your customers’ point of view. They are the main characters in this adventure. What is it that they want and what is keeping them from getting it:  that is a big important question you must answer to be an effective business storyteller. To capture your audience (and sales) you will need to think about what your product or service gives to your customer that makes their life better, easier, more fulfilling…you get the idea.

You can start your story really well once you understand a customer profile. Now it’s time for you to get your imagination out and put it to work. Who is your ideal customer? Is she female, working or retired, how much disposable income does she have, what does she need from you? If you don’t know who your audience is–that ideal person (persona) who benefits from your business–then you don’t know how to tell her the story.  For example, if your audience is sixteen years old, you tell a story very differently than if she is twenty-six or forty-six years old.

So now you get to go think about how you can help your customers achieve their goals so you can achieve yours, which makes you both heroes.


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